Get Prepared For Fall Unexpected Fall Weather

Wind Storms and Power Outages

wind storm

The Puget Sound Region gets some beautiful autumn weather well into late October.   However, the occasional wind storm can cause power outages in almost every part of King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties that can last from several days or even weeks.  An important step in getting ready for fall, is to prepare your generator for the inevitable fall wind storms that the Puget Sound Region should be used to by now. Get ready for power outages by inspecting your generator for corrosion, changing the oil, inspect/change the air filter, and filling the gas tank. A B&G electrical professional can provide a more thorough generator evaluation to ensure that you’re prepared for storm season. Regular maintenance ensures safe and reliable generator performance and provides safety if and when the power goes out.

Also remember to test your home’s GFCI outlets.  Use a “tester” from the local hardware store, or just plug in a lamp phone charger. If an outlet isn’t working, it may be a loose wire, or a sign of a bigger problem.  Plug in the electrical device and press the “Test” button on the front of the outlet between the top and bottom plug receiver. The lamp or device should turn off.  If the GFCI is working properly, the device should turn on again when you press the “Reset” button. If GFCI’s or other outlets do not appear to be working properly or if cords feel hot to the touch when you plug or unplug them, don’t hesitate to call B&G Electrical Contracting for a free estimate today!