LED Options Can Save Energy And Cut Costs

There are many simple upgrades available these days from local hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes, that can save plenty of energy as well as hundreds each year on utilities.    Though the initial cost of LED lighting upgrades can be a bit higher than standard incandescent or compact fluorescent, the cost savings and longevity of LED’s more than makes up for it.   In fact there is 85% more energy savings compared to incandescent and they can last up to 25% longer.

Installing LED track or recessed can lighting is both cost-effective and energy-efficient.  They are ideal for brightening rooms and improving decor.   LED quality and diversity has changed in recent years.   When they were first introduced, LED light was bright white and unnatural.  These days LED bulbs come in ranges from 2700k or soft white, all the way up to 5000k or bright white.  The K stands for degree of Kelvin that is output by the light.   Make sure your home is energy responsible by upgrading to LED lighting today!