Incandescent vs CFL vs LED Part I

Not too long ago light bulbs were light bulbs. No matter you had to spend, you really had only one choice when it came to interior and exterior lighting options for your home or business: Choose the wattage based on the fixtures wattage rating and head to the hardware store.

In recent years environmental awareness and technology has brought new material available to the public at reasonable prices.    CFL and LED bulbs are more readily available than ever and with a price point that drops quarterly.   Not only are these new options more energy efficient, they can also last years, or even decades longer than the standard incandescent light bulb.

Prices for LED bulbs started out extremely high, upwards of $100 at start.  They have since dropped considerably and are now in definite competition with all other types of bulbs out there.  Since there is a movement to discontinue incandescent bulbs by the year 2020, prices for newer and even more efficient LED bulbs will continue to drop.   B&G Electrical Contracting can provide free estimates for all projects to upgrade home and business lighting to a more efficient, cost effective, long lasting lighting solution.

Incandescent CFL LED
Approximate cost per bulb $1 $2 $8 or less
Average lifespan 1,200 hours 8,000 hours 25,000 hours
Watts used 60W 14W 10W
No. of bulbs needed for 25,000 hours of use 21 3 1
Total purchase price of bulbs over 23 years $21 $6 $8
Total cost of electricity used (25,000 hours at $0.12 per kWh) $180 $42 $30
Total operational cost over 23 years $201 $48 $38