Fall Storms and Power Outages

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Contact your electric utility if your power goes out.

Always stay safe during a power outage and when in doubt contact your electric utility.    If you live in the Seattle are, contact Seattle Public Utilities.   If you live outside of Seattle, contact Puget Sound Energy or your regional utility department.  Maintain electrical safety by turning the main power off in case of an outage.  This switch can be found in your homes electrical panel, usually located in the garage or a storage closet.  Be aware, If you have to stand in water or wet surface to access the switch, call the utility company and have them turn it off.  If you see a downed power line, stay away from it and don’t drive over it or try to move it out of the way.  Report the issue to your utility company and they will take the appropriate steps to repair the condition.

Safety measures during an Outage

As soon as there is an outage, ensure electrical safety by turning off all major electrical appliances and unplug expensive electronics. When power is restored, it can come back in surges which can damage your expensive gadgets and appliances. If the appliances are still plugged in, it can result in an overload of your home’s circuits. You can leave a light bulb on for indication of power restoration and to check the presence of surges. If all’s well after the power is restored, then you can turn on your appliances one by one. Try and avoid candles when there’s a blackout; flashlights are a safer option and should always have fresh batteries installed.  Make sure to never go near electrical equipment when the area is flooded.  More information can be found on your utility companies’ website.